"Buy A House" Music and Lyrics by Lisette Glodowski and Richard C. Walter.

This song was created at NYU/TISCH- GRADUATE MUSICAL THEATRE WRITING PROGRAM - Cycle 28                                      ---->

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"Whisk Me Away" VELVET OVER STEEL Written and Performed by Lisette Glodowski

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"It's You" VELVET OVER STEEL Donald Sutton & Lisette Glodowski

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“Lone Butterfly” - Velvet Over Steel

© Lisette Glodowski Music 2016

Performer: Jessica Braun

“Opposite Sides” - Velvet Over Steel

©Lisette Glodowski Music And Lyrics 2017

Performers: Jessica Braun, Lisette Glodowski

Velvet Over Steel Highlights


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*Original Cast